Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Good Time to Move

Yesterday, it was time to move from the apartment I was living in during my summer internship to my new apartment for grad school, which is why I did not get a chance to post anything. While the place I’ve been staying at got the job done this summer, it was not the best apartment building ever.

It actually used to be an old hospital, so it has a large elevator, wide hallways, and doors big enough for a wheelchair to move through easily. If the lights were off at night, it would be a great place to film a horror movie. My room was pretty basic, with a bedroom/living space and a bathroom. There was a community kitchen on each floor, but I didn’t use it. Hauling a ton of kitchen supplies across the building did not sound appealing to me, and the kitchen had a questionable state of cleanliness.

The other people staying there were interesting characters, to say the least. I was consistently the best dressed person walking around…even when I was dressed in my workout clothes. And I would sometimes get to listen to the wonderful sounds of my neighbors yelling at each other. To be fair though, I was routinely retaliating with the sounds of gun fire from video games.

When I was moving out, I ran into someone who asked if I had heard about the fight the night before. Apparently, a couple of people had been yelling at each other and got into a physical fight. There was blood all over the stairway and the cops had to come. I was glad I had not heard about this until I was on my way out. This story made me wonder what other kinds of things went on that I did not hear from my apartment at the back of the place. Although, part of me really doesn’t want to know. Let’s hope my new neighbors are more peaceful than the old ones.


  1. I can't speak for people living in adjacent units, but I can personally guarantee the person you're sharing the apartment with will be your end...

  2. We shall see, sir. I have survived four years of battle with C, and am ready for you.