Monday, August 23, 2010

My Failings as an Employee

After spending a summer working at my internship, my boss has informed me that in a recommendation letter, he would note that I had performed my job well, but I had several shortcomings. I have written out a list of my failures below:

1. Failed to identify the Barry Manilow song “Mandy”

2. Would not sing along with “Mandy”

3. Failed to successfully sabotage his phone line

4. Refused to take his place to shop for a house with his wife

5. Refused to go to baby classes with his wife

6. Would not put a whole sub sandwich in my mouth at once

7. Did not want to go to one of his band’s gigs and flash everyone

8. Would not compete in an eating contest and give him the winnings from doing it

9. Worked over lunch one day so I could leave early and go home to have supper with my family

10. Told him that his idea for “poop robots” (a story coming soon) would not be marketable

I sincerely hope that this list does not hold me back from my dream job someday, but some of those items are pretty serious offenses. Wish me luck in overcoming these obstacles.

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  1. Erik I must say I am very disappointed with your performance