Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inception: How Many Levels Down Can You Go?

Tonight, I just got done seeing Inception for the third time, because I think it’s incredible and one of my friends had not seen it yet. Every time I see that movie, I get to thinking about dreams. For example, after the first time seeing Inception, I distinctly recall going two levels down. I “woke up” from a dream, realized I was still in a dream, then woke up for real back in my room. It was kind of trippy, but awesome at the same time. I felt like a badass and that I should become a dream thief.

In my dreams, I’ve also discovered other skills that would be helpful as an extractor, or idea thief. I frequently run around, either escaping something or sneaking into some place. If I have to, I’ll even fight enemies off to get to make my escape. So the next time Leonardo DiCaprio is recruiting for an inception mission, I’ll be ready.

Unfortunately, my subconscious can sometimes be unfriendly. At different times, I’ve run away from a bus, fought my way through aliens, and dodged tornadoes. My friends aren’t always friendly in my dreams either. In a dream a few weeks ago, I was hanging out with some friends, then they left me and wouldn’t tell me where they went. This situation may not be as intense as fighting aliens, but it shows that my subconscious might not be trustworthy. But it is these things that make my dreams exciting, if weird.

Tonight, I try for three levels down.

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  1. Strong impact of movie on you..but it is very great movie