Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Could Be on Survivor

I have never been a huge fan of realty game shows on TV. At least half the time, the focus is on making things overly dramatic and having people complain about each other on camera. However, I think I could suck it up to be on “Survivor” and do alright.

After all, I spent years in Boy Scouts camping and exploring the wilderness. I’m used to sleeping spending time in rugged areas. Hanging out for seven weeks in some remote location wouldn’t really be that bad.

Before leaving for my adventure, I would study up by watching episodes of “Man Vs. Wild” and hunting animals in the woods for practice. By the time I got to whatever place we were going, I would be ready to traverse a desert, wrestle an alligator, or make a sleeping bag out of a camel. Between my Boy Scout skills and rigorous training regimen, I would be a valuable, and possibly crazy, addition to any “Survivor” cast.

And since I’m not the sort of person that complains about others, and especially not to a camera, I would need some craziness to be interesting for an audience. I could do this by fearlessly eating insects in a challenge, hunting down animals with my bare hands, and crafting a shelter out of the non-meat parts of said animals.

So the next time “Survivor” is taking applications, get ready to watch me take on Mother Nature in an epic struggle.

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  1. I couldn't be on that show because I would attack and eat the other contestants and this would be like 30 minutes into the first episode so I would make bad reality tv. Series anyway.